Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Here we are!

See? I could have been on Dancing with the Stars! What a hoot!

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Anonymous said...

dear teresa,

i just met you on another BC blog - i forget whose it was. sound familiar? hah! i want you to know that i think you are a fabulous writer. i went back to the very 1st post of your BC journey and found your style so compelling - it's candor, and raw emotion resonates with me, as well as your sense of humor and your vocabulary - LOVE the upgrade from a lot of shit to the far more expressive fuck. i can also relate to your fashion sense. who want's to look like a schlump when you can indulge in the distractions and joys of things like kick-ass boots?!

it's clear that you have the chops to get through what is soon to commence with your treatment. i hear your sense of optimism, the balance (it's a fine line) of allowing yourself to feel what you feel but keep moving forward with dignity and grace and admitted fears of the unknown; but what rings loudest and clearest is the thread of gratitude, joy in life's pleasures, and love.

i will keep you close to my heart as you begin chemo, and using my one word mantra - BELIEVE - which has seen both my husband, diagnosed with mutiple myeloma in 2009, and me with st IV metastatic BC nearly a year ago, through one helluva ride - through to our both being in remission and living the fuck out of life. (nothing relgious - just a way to get through knocked down times and show fucking cancer our spirits are much stronger than anything it's thrown our way.) so...i will be BELIEVING for you, for all you hope and dream of during this next chapter.


karen (sutherland), TC