Saturday, December 22, 2012

do you serve cheese with that whine?

I feel like I'm ruminating on a whole list of minor complaints so I'm going to write them down and see if it's really as bad as I think it is.

  • I have a head cold. Yesterday I would sneeze ten times in a row, my nose ran constantly, and my eyes were encircled with red and irritated circles. I was tired but I think it was just from the constant nasal activity. I felt pretty good from the neck down.
  • I talked to the nurse yesterday and afterwards, I felt like I had exposed my self to the dreaded plague. Be careful of nose membranes and mouth membranes. Check your temperature. Go to the ER if your fever is over 100. Rinse my mouth with salt water. This could turn a guy into a hypochondriac.
  • My port hurts. Thanks to my angel, Kathy, I have a collection of little pillows to cushion it but sharp pains come from under it, like Tremors. I figured out if I throw the pillows in the freezer, the coolness feels good even if only for a few minutes. The doctor said sometimes people leave the ports in when chemo is done, just in case. Right. Like you'd leave a nail in your head in case you needed a place to hang your hat.
  • My head itches. Not the kind of itch that lotion will help but the kind of itch that comes from below the surface, like Tremors. If I don't have a hat on, it's cold. If I wear the turban, it's hot. I spend all day taking hats off and putting hats on and in between, rubbing and scratching at my head.
  • I've lost my taste for coffee. Bummert, as Elliot would say. I have found some tea I can drink and some I even enjoy, but it's not coffee.
  • I've lost my taste for white wine. It tastes really cheap wine. Like the wine they have in bars where you ask what kind of wine they have and they say red and white. In a bag but the box is gone. Mystery wine.
Six complaints. That's not so bad. I have to get something to eat or I would write a more positive spin on my day...that will come later.


Anonymous said...

I about fell off my chair with laughter when reading the nail in the head comment!
Your old neighbor and friend Deb

Caroline said...

Wine tasted like battery acid to me while in chemo.

Give your port some time, it will heal up and feel better. They only put it in a few weeks ago. And yes I whined to my oncologist and had it taken out as soon as they could.

mom said...

I love the turbans and hats, not so fond of the total bald look. Somehow I have never pictured my daughter looking like James Carville. Well, it is only hair after all and not what defines my darling daughter. Love you, Mom

mom said...

Forget about the port in your boob; have a little port wine instead. Mom