Monday, December 10, 2012

cards, soap, and an icy walk

I think I should make cookies. I put a turkey breast in the oven for dinner (and left-overs) and a small sweet thing would be nice at the end of the meal. Can a guy make cookies without dirtying any dishes? That's the part I hate.

I think my interest in Christmas baking peaked a few years ago and then went into a steep decline. I just looked at my Christmas binder (another story) but there isn't one thing there that interests me. Maybe we'll just make the old standard chocolate chip cookies. Or truffles. Truffles do interest me.

I had Regis drop me off downtown this morning so I could buy Christmas cards. I did a search and rescue in the basement yesterday, thinking I must have cards that I bought in some previous post-Christmas sale. No such luck. I did find, however, the mother of all stashes of holiday napkins. I love holiday napkins...obviously as I have eight packages ready for use.

I bought cards and this lovely box of soap at the Swedish Kontur. It's sitting on my desk in front of me and I pick it up from time to time and sniff it. Actually, I inhale deeply. It's so nice I may never use it.

Cards. I realize this is a multi-step process of which I may be incapable. I have the cards and that is the easy part. Additional steps: Stamp. Address. Write on card. Take to PO. Well, now that I wrote it down, it doesn't seem so daunting.

The hard part is that my fancy list of addresses that I had put on a spreadsheet disappeared in my last computer upgrade. I have managed to scavenge what I hope is most addresses and I might be able to scrounge some more from the web and FB. Uh oh...back to feeling like a daunting task.

The sidewalks downtown were an icy bitch. I walked like a penguin from one store to the next. It's the one thing I hate about Minnesota winters...walking like a damn penguin. For all my warm climate friends, this is it:

You walk like this so you don't fall down and crack your head. One winter a few years ago, I fell three times and Regis fell once. Most of those were on the same day.

I liked the comments on the last post from new cancer friends. Caroline suggested that the germ thing is a worthless battle and Karen suggested that she did the same thing and it was more about control than germs. I've never been overly concerned about germs as you can attest if you have been to my house. I am not a cleaner and if it weren't for Jan, we would live in a hovel. That could be an exaggeration for effect, a literary device of which I am fond.

I'd like to point out that I am not ending my sentences with prepositions today either.

Onward and upward.

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Jill said...

Teresa, there's a poem somewhere that we shared at one time that has a line about old people walking on icy surfaces. I'll search, but you'll likely know just which one to which I refer. No prepositions at the end for me, either. Ha!