Wednesday, December 05, 2012

bidding adieu to the alien baby

I woke up yesterday feeling sad and agitated. Then my alien baby drain started to malfunction again. Every time I pressed on the drain site, I made a noise like a tire going flat. A high-pitched whistle under my arm. The bulb wouldn't maintain suction so I knew we were going to be making another trip to the clinic. Holy crap.

When I talked to the wound care nurse on the phone, I made the noise because I listen to Car Talk and it helps to diagnose the problem if you hear the noise. Callers are always imitating their car noises. Plus, it's entertaining.

Regis and Gus drove me over to the clinic. Gus always knows when you're feeling down and he stuck his big wet nose behind my head and gave my ear a lick.

I felt better the minute I got there. The people who take care of me in that clinic are so kind and caring. They took care of the drain in no time flat and I was on my way. Jan said when she heard the noise, she knew right away. See?

I took a nice nap in the early part of the afternoon. It's become my habit again to read and nap in the afternoon. It doesn't keep be from sleeping at night so I guess it's fine. Besides, what the hell.

Joanne picked me up about 4 and we went to sit in a sunny booth at Patrick's. Some days I like shadows but yesterday I needed sun. We lingered over a glass of wine, talking about our impending European vacations and Caribbean cruises. We both have the attitude that crap happens in life so you might as well expect it and try to have fun anyway.

I am the official Turban Diva of the Month. I have let Regis know that he can address me as Oh, Turban Diva for now. Maybe for the whole month. The picture at the top is one she used for the article. She ran it through some kind of process to eliminate a few wrinkles so if I look younger than you remember, that's why.

We met our old friend, Anders, and a new friend Judie at Whiskey River for dinner. It was a very sweet evening talking about our lovely Jan, books we love, good times in the past, and adventures to come. Interesting when you meet someone new, it doesn't take very long to discover common ground. Judy's dad taught at UND and she was born in Grand Forks. She loves detective stories so she and Anders are going to send a list of good books they recommend, even one by a Norwegian. Ha!

Regis had a dream last night that I was on Dancing with the Stars with Donny Osmond. Donny made disparaging remarks about my dancing so Regis had to kick his ass. That would have been something to see.

Note: It wasn't Donny who made the disparaging remarks, it was Simon. Donny was my dancing partner and Regis said we rocked.

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