Thursday, December 06, 2012

all clothes must fit in bag

In my typical fashion, I am perseverating on the minutia of my cancer treatment. I have several lists and the one regarding what to wear and bring on Tuesday, starts with: All clothes must fit in bag.

If I go in full regalia, including hat, tall boots, socks, purse, pants and several sweaters...Regis ends up dragging all my crap everywhere he goes. If I am careful about what I wear and bring, it will all fit tidily into a bag and won't be such a nuisance. Someone suggested I get him a wheeled cart but that might be going too far.

I also have a list of food things to bring. I hate getting trapped places with no access to good food. They have coffee and other beverages there but I don't think much of their snack assortment which consists mostly of giant dry muffins that must be made in another state. I'm thinking small sandwiches, nuts, cheese, dark chocolate.

For those of you who might be interested in the scientific side to this, as opposed to the fashion and food side, I was randomly assigned to Arm 1 of the clinical trials. That means I will get:
Adriamycin every 14 days for 4 cycles
Cytoxan every 14 days for 4 cycles
Paclitaxel every 7 days for 12 weeks
Dexamethason before each Paclitaxel treatment. It's for nausea.

At the end of all of this, there will be radiation for some period of time. Then targeted hormone treatment that goes on for a long time. Maybe five years. Cross that bridge when we come to it.

I read back over my posts for the last few days and thought I must sound like I'm high on Zoloft or something. Believe me, it ain't all silver saddles and Sunday parades. Many days I am tired and bleary-eyed. I usually take a restorative interlude in the afternoon from noon to two o'clock. I don't always sleep but I do read and spend some time with my eyes closed. Some days, even after that, it doesn't take much to feel a kick in my sad pants, get my feelings hurt, or just succumb to ennui.

I will say that things are tipping in my favor for now. Far more good times than bad..far more. I am greatly humbled by the kindness of so many people, those I have known for a long time and some who I have only met through cancer. Maybe it's like most things in life, once you've been down the road, you recognize the signs and eagerly lend a hand or an ear.

Thanks to Mary for the morning coffee in her serene country home and the company of Handsome Bob. Thanks to Keith and Corrine for the chicken soup with homemade noodles and the ride to see the Christmas lights. Thanks to Joanne for the glass of wine and the hour in the sunny booth at Patrick's. Thanks to Jill for the quiet lunch in the shadows last week. We had our own little tucked away place to linger over chicken sandwiches and at that moment, it was just what I needed. Thanks to Laurie at Turban Diva for making me feel chic and cool instead of old and sick and for letting me tell my story. Thanks to Anders and Judie for the sweet dinner the other night. We know there is not a better way to spend a winter evening than with friends and Manhattans! Thanks to Karen who read my blog and wrote a note to tell me her own cancer journey and to share her mantra, believe.

Thanks to Regis, my sweet husband. He sits with me in clinic after clinic, he drives me to appointments, he makes me eggs when I'm hungry, he finds me books and music, he pastes my face on a Dancing with the Stars photo, and he takes care of me and Gus. He swears he will help me with this dragon.

That's a lot of nice things to happen in a few short weeks. I am lucky.


Anonymous said...

Wow Teresa, so many things have happen. I did saw the pictures with Ella on Facebook, but I didn’t come to your blog until today to check and read what was new.
I found out a classmate (from high school) is also going through chemo, she says that she has fight with breast and ovarian cancer. I also direct her to the “Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer” site and to “The tutu project” (pages and Facebook). She lives in NY; her therapy has being done there. This last year she has live at Israel but she goes back and forward to the States. Makes me sad to see and know my friends going through this awful cancer treatment and for me to be so far that I can’t give you even an afternoon to talk, sit, drink coffee (or wine)… to give you a (((hug))) in person and for you to feel my care! I send you my love, los of kisses and hugs & lots of caring thoughts!!

Diana Kellerman aka Di Keller – Di@na

Jill said...

Tame the fearful dragon and remember, there are some that are benevolent as well that can grant you wishes...