Wednesday, November 07, 2012

this one is not about the C word

I'm feeling much stronger and more peaceful this morning. I slept well, took Gus outside at 4:30 and I think the sun is going to shine today. All good signs!

Regis and I went out for dinner last night, seeking comfort food. He had a pot roast commercial and I had ribs. The pile of ribs was like a meat tornado. We'll be eating those for the next three days. We came home early, watched some Arrested Development, and went to bed. No election returns for us.

I was almost too nervous about the outcome to attend to it. I avoided the articles in the paper and I refused to think about the possibilities. Regis woke me in the middle of the night to tell me Obama had been re-elected so we don't have to move to Poland. Ha!

I'm on my way to River Rock to work which means I take photos, gab with people, and enjoy a latte while I stroll around. A good job, eh?


Anonymous said...

My dearest daughter. I did not know you had joined the navy; or do you just cuss like a sailor these days?
I have been ready to use the F Bomb myself after all the ugly things that have been happening to our family. I told your brother there has been a black cloud hanging over us, but he reminded me after the storm there is sunshine. I will say a prayer for you tomorrow. Love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

My comment disappeared. I loved the card, Teresa. I feel like the old lady on the right sticking her tongue out at the world. There is always going to be a better day with sunshine. Much love. Mom

Jill said...

Your mom is great--suggesting that your cussing could be because you recently enlisted in the armed forces. She knows how to help lighten the dark clouds.