Monday, November 12, 2012

Teresa in Recovery

I just spoke with Teresa's doctor. The surgery was more extensive than originally anticipated because of the positive results in the first node. They ended up taking 8 more nodes, I believe, which means there was more tissue disturbed under her arm and thus a longer recovery. The best case scenario is that in doing the original biopsy a cancer cell was dislodged and ended up in node #1, the natural filter. If this is the case it will be considered a false positive. They took the additional nodes because they can't take the chance that this was the case.
Now comes more waiting. Teresa won't know more until perhaps Thursday morning when the pathology comes back from the lab. When we know the tumor size, the hormone receptor types etc an Oncologist will make the determination as to further treatment. It will be radiation at a bare minimum perhaps followed up with chemo. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping everything crossed!
Old neighbor and friend Deb

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I am keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the updates, Regis. But what I really want to know is did Teresa wear the boots?

Aprons and More said...

Hope Teresa heals quickly and is back to normal soon!! Thanks for the update!


mom said...

Of course she wore the boots. She is tougher than a boiled owl. ( one of her Dad's favorite quotes) I talked to her this morning and she sounds great. What an attitude my girl has!!! She will beat this ugly disease. Love you Miss T.