Saturday, November 03, 2012

one thing then another continues

I always think about how much to share here. I wouldn't want to read a long litany of woes on a blog but sometimes things happen that take over my thinking and it's not possible to go on unless I write them down.

It's been a long season of bad shit, some way worse than others. I think one thing is bad, then another comes along to change my definition of bad shit.

Thursday, my niece Cybil and her family lost their sweet, two-month old baby to SIDS. It's been an awful trauma for my family. This morning, I ordered flowers for a baby's funeral. Something seemed wrong about that.

I had a breast biopsy on Friday. There was a major CF with the imaging clinic again and when I got to my appointment he said he couldn't do the biopsy because they hadn't sent the mammogram and the ultrasound. Good grief. He could tell I was about at the end of my rope, so he called and made some special arrangements so I could get it done that day. Bless his heart. Just when you get cynical and cranky, someone does a kind thing and you feel better about humanity.

Not the first time this surgeon has done something nice for me. He was scheduled to do an endoscopy for me but when I got to the hospital I found out it was someone else. My doctor had been awake doing surgery all night and wouldn't be able to come in for my thing. I started weeping. They must have called him because thirty minutes later, he showed up. What a nice guy.

Our friend, Marilyn, is recovering from heart surgery. They knew it was coming but it's still disconcerting to have surgery on your heart. Miracles of medicine...she will be going home on Monday. I wish her well as she continues to heal.

Regis is sleeping on the couch this morning. He has had more muscle pain with this surgery and seems to be more tired. We think it's his low iron so I bought Total cereal yesterday. We're heard about it and read several places that it can do the trick. This is not a scientific study but we will keep you informed as results come in.

The good news is that today, we have no plans. No plans to do anything or go anywhere so whatever we do will be a nice surprise. I might take Gus for a walk. I might rake some leaves. I might put away the Halloween stuff and move on to election night decorating. Red, white, and blue. Thanks, Mom!

I must go have a latte this morning. I have been doing the Facebook posts for River Rock and all the luscious photos of lattes make me thirsty. I'll miss sitting outside like I did this summer. One of my favorite things...sitting on Minnesota Avenue with a blueberry tart and a latte.

My goal for the week is to say shit less often. Or maybe my goal should be to have less bad shit happen. Agree?

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