Tuesday, November 13, 2012

musing the day after

I slept most of the last 24 hours. Good thing about the good drugs...they reduce pain and help with sleep. Bad thing about the good drugs...they mess with your memory. I introduced Tiffany and Peter to Eleanor three times.

I feel rested and ready to go home. There are some things to learn before they give me the boot, like the drainage business.

The food here has been fine. I ordered scrambled eggs for breakfast. There is a seemingly endless supply of coffee. Not great coffee but drinkable. I have had worse.

Everybody who comes through the door wants to know what else they can do for me. I suggested a cheese plate and a glass of wine but I couldn't get anyone to go for that. Harrumph. What kind of hospital is this anyway?

I haven't looked at the actual surgery site yet. The nurses peek from time to time and maybe I will look next time.

Round #1 is almost over. The pathology report will be back by Thursday and that will determine the course of action. I am resigned to radiation but I hope the conditions are right so I can dodge chemotherapy.

I like the language of illness. Surgery is called a procedure and treatments are called therapy. I know I heard other examples yesterday but today, I can't remember.

The nurses tell me I am a rock star patient. The fluid in my drain has improved in appearance and I am putting out grand amounts of fluorescent colored urine. That would be the radioactive stuff they injected into me. Not that any of this has been through my efforts so I am not bragging...just providing information.


Regis came to pick me up about 11. It took a while to get checked out so we didn't get home until 1. I went right into bed and slept for two hours. Thank you, Percoset.

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the drugs!! I am so glad you are home. Colored pee is so much fun. Mine was green after the dye procedure. Keep resting!!!
Your old neighbor and friend Deb