Friday, November 09, 2012

for updates

Regis will be posting here for me on Monday until I am able. For updates, because neither of us will be able to remember who likes email, who likes texts, and who is on Facebook, and who likes phone this is the universal landing pad for information. I still don't have a surgery time but they should be calling soon with that. You can sign up for email updates on this site. Check the sidebar to the right...past all the poems and pictures of me in wigs.

Thank you to everyone who has written called, posted encouraging words on Facebook, and sent big checks. Haha! Just kidding about that last one. I appreciate every funny, profane, and sympathetic message I have gotten from my friends and family. You all rock.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa:
I will be checking for updates from Regis. I wish you the best! Prayers, Good Vibes, Positive Thoughts your way!!
Take care, kisses and (((Hugs)))
Diana K (Di Keller – Di@na)