Sunday, November 25, 2012

a very large cloud of ennui has descended on us

We are not unhappy or discontented. We are listless and languid. The back of my neck is sweaty and my hair is flat. I think I've had three naps today although the last two count as only one since I didn't get out of bed between them. I finally decided to get vertical so I walked out to the living room where Regis had just assumed the nap position. Sigh.

It's only one o'clock and I've had three naps. I could take another one which I may disguise as reading.

This has been my favorite meal this weekend. I call it the Thanksgiving Parfait. I put a spoonful of apple pie in the bottom of the glass, then dollops of potatoes, stuffing, yams, and green bean casserole. Top with cranberry sauce. No heating. Easy to eat while slumped over in a napping position. Toss glass and spoon into trash when finished. No dishes!

I've been wrapped in a giant Ace bandage for four days. It makes me hot and cranky and is probably going to cause a yeast infection the size of Rhode Island. Its purpose is to compress my chest so that my body rids itself of fluid and I don't swell up like a giant grape cluster. It's hard to get the right amount of compression so you don't wake up unable to breathe or digest your food. Thanks for listening to my complaint.

I also have nerve issues on the back of my arm, namely that I can't feel the back of my arm. I am going to take special care not to get my arm wiggles near a fan because I could get mauled before I knew what hit me.

I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for a fleet of things which I don't recall but have written down. The nice lady who scheduled this for me was kind enough to write the names and times but I grabbed the paper and started noting the place, as well. It's easy to get confused. If I didn't think it would make me depressed, I would add up all the hours we have spent at doctor's appointments in the last nine months. It's a lot.

I think I have time to take one more nap before we go to wish Tom and Betty bon voyage. The are wintering in Texas again this year.


Anonymous said...

I, too, have nerve issues with my arm following my lymph node removal. It's been since July and has very slowly improved. My doc said it might not get back to 100%. Like you said, stay away from a fan!
Old neighbor and friend Deb

annie said...

Although I know it's not what you were probably looking for, you do have my sympathy :) My surgery last year killed off the nerves in my ear lobe -- will probably never feel anything there again. You don't realize how important those nerves are until they're tampered with, right?! The lack of sensation in my ear makes me want to puke every time I take out an earring, so I don't wear them anymore. On the bright side, it's one less piece of jewelry to try to coordinate.
I do hope your last nap was a good one, Teresa. Let your body rest so it can heal...