Wednesday, October 24, 2012

soggy afternoon and everybody gots the blues

We are not complaining about the rain. At all. It's the first time we've had a decent rain in months.

We are only complaining about the gloom that seems to have descended on everyone. We are hunkered down, sighing heavily, speaking in hushed tones. Our spirits have been hung out to the rain. Woe is us.

We are lacking in gumption. Even to do the simple things like the dishes and picking up of stuff. Damp jackets hang limply from the backs of chairs. Junk mail is piled on the table, probably hiding today's to-do list. Even the dog is without ambition.

A rational and thinking person would turn on the radio and make some cookies or invite a friend over for a glass of wine. But who can think rationally in the blue funk of this day? So, here we sit, lamps unlit, dinner not made, quiet in every corner.

I'm going to grab the reins and drive this horse down a different road. Radio will be turned on and jazzy music will be heard. Something will be cooked. Candles will be lit and old friends will be called.

Ta da!

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