Wednesday, October 24, 2012

restless night and sleepy morning

We were up and down all night, first one then the other. Bed, couch, chair. Even the dog couldn't settle down. Must have been one of those nights my doctor used to describe as "forces in the universe at work".

Regis has therapy at 8 so we're up and moving in the right direction. All is well when that's true.

We're expecting rain today which is a welcome weather event. It hasn't rained enough all summer to even get the ground completely wet. Tomorrow will be colder.

There must have been a football game somewhere last night. I heard the muffled voice of an announcer and the cheers of a crowd. It was kind of a sweet sound for a fall night but the distant noise is as far as my interest goes. As for who and what sport and the final score, I don't care.

I went to a coffee training at work last night. I walked downtown in my new boots... a mistake. They're very comfortable but not for long distances and I almost wore holes in my toes. The coffee training is fascinating because the art and science of coffee, which these folks complex. They did explain why some coffee tastes good and some tastes like cigar ash. Small growers, attention to detail, hand-picking and sorting, careful processing. They are turning me into a coffee snob.

Usually when we pick up prescriptions, we use the drive-up at Walgreen's. Yesterday, I went into the store. Fifty dollars later, I had a sack of unnecessary junk. I rationalized that it was Halloween stuff for the little kids but the truth is, it's probably not anything they want either.

Regis has been having some vivid dreams which we attribute to Percoset. The other night his dream was about the ice bag belonging to the dowager countess but since someone had taken that one, we had to use the lesser ice bag of the footman. Last night he had a dream that our friend Emily had rented out our couch to Eli and the recliner to Dave so Regis had no place to go in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep.

Chauffeur duty calls.

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