Monday, October 29, 2012

if it ain't one thing, it's another

I should be writing about the Halloween Fun Run, which was fun, but my photos are in the other room so I'm going to forego that topic for now.

Many reasons not to watch the news, or television for that matter. It's nice this year, not to be subjected to constant political ads, since we ripped our cable out after the last election. Not literally, but it went missing. Do people really make up their minds based on that drivel? Someone posted a link to an awful crime and punishment story on Facebook and I had to read it. Very, very sad. No reason I had to know about that.

Now, I'm reading about Hurricane Sandy. I would have been long ago gone from that path. What the hell. An 11 foot wall of water? It sounds like one of those apocalypse movies and you know what a fan I am of those.

I was driving to Mankato the other day on 169. I happened to be by the regional treatment center where the speed limit is 45. I was going 45 mph when a woman came barreling up behind me, got right on my bumper, then passed me giving me the finger as she went. What the hell. It was that important to her to get where she was going a few minutes earlier? How uncivilized. I stared straight ahead but Regis, Philly driver that he is, responded in kind.

Regis turned 60 in July and I'm turning 60 on Wednesday. Life in the months before 60 has been fraught with peril for both of us. Some of it could be funny, I think, depending on your view of things and we usually take a dark comedic view which helps us get through the bullshit.

Since last May, we have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, bladder cancer, cataracts, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and we've had two knees replaced. It's not so important who got's a medical shit storm. Someone from the insurance company is going to come out and shoot us.

We're managing quite well and hope by the end of the year, the worst of it will be behind us. (It could be quite a Christmas letter. Haha! Not, really. Don't be afraid to open it when it comes.) Seriously, all in all, things are good. Regis fairly skipped down the front steps the other day and I ran a 5k on Saturday. Not fast, mind you, but faster than the folks on the couch.

Bob and Marilyn, we'll be thinking about you both on Wednesday.

I found the pictures so here's the scoop on the Fun Run.

I'm an artificial knee.

Every time I get one of these pictures taken, I'm walking. Hmmm... 

Joanne and I have done the Halloween Fun Run together for four years. The first year, during the reconstruction of 169, was the worst because we were on the hill and the wind was fierce. This year was perfect, crisp and cool, no wind. There were 1,400 people registered. The Fun Run Facebook page has tons of pictures. Some of the costumes were great! The headless boy was very creepy. I didn't win any prizes but I got a lot of laughs.

It will be a busy week. PT three times, working out at the Pulse, working at River Rock, party at the Paw on Tuesday night (I'm a costume judge, believe that or not!), and my birthday on Wednesday. It will be the party what started out as dancin' around!

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