Sunday, October 21, 2012

feelin' pretty cocky so early in the morning

I just reread yesterday's post. I was being optimistic when I wrote it, apparently. The truth of it is that we spent the day trudging slowly from task to task and from couch to recliner. I did the dishes, made two meals, and got my Halloween Fun Run costume ready but that's about it. My brain was resting a good part of the day.

Today will be different. I'm picking Elliot up at 9:30 and Ella and Alex are coming about 10 o'clock to play. There will not be much resting today, believe me.

The sky was clear when I was out with Gus at 6 but now it looks cloudy again. I don't mind...I still love these fall days. Our birch tree is raining yellow leaves, slowly slowly slowly. It's beautiful.

Regis is still sleeping, Gus is taking his first nap of the day, and I am going to the kitchen to make coffee. There you go.

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