Saturday, September 22, 2012

the week of tune-ups and maintenance

I had to look back at the calendar to remember what we did this past week. The list is impressive:

  1. Gus was bathed and groomed on Monday.
  2. Regis and I both got haircuts on Monday.
  3. We worked at the Pulse M, T, and Th from 2:30-3:30.
  4. I worked Tuesday evening at River Rock for Business After Hours.
  5. We had a furnace tune-up on Wednesday.
  6. Jan came to clean the house on Wednesday.
  7. Regis and I had annual eye appointments on Wednesday.
  8. We worked at Pappageorge doing social media on Thursday night.
  9. I worked my 15 hours for River Rock this week.
  10. Regis had surgery Friday.
What the hell. That was a long haul for a couple of old dudes.

We've been gone so much and I know that someone has been coming into our house in our absence and leaving their shit around in random piles. Clothes, jackets, paper, bills, empty boxes. I'll be busy today making sense of the rubble.

Regis came through the surgery with flying colors as they say, although I'm not sure what that means. The doctor said everything went as expected. We went to the hospital at 12 and were home by 4. Gus went to the Paw Pet Resort in our absence so he was well cared for. Regis had a good night's sleep and now we just wait for the pathology report. We are optimistic.

I found out on Wednesday that I have cataracts in both eyes but the one in my right eye may be ready for surgery. I know that isn't such a big deal except it sounds like an old person thing again. I seem to be bumping into those all the time lately. My philosophy has always been that getting old beats the hell out of the alternative which would be not getting old so I guess I'll be patient with it.

On to a quiet weekend.

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