Saturday, September 29, 2012

saturday morning

I've been sitting here since I woke up, drinking coffee, watching the leaves drift down in the garden, and thinking about my plan for the day. It's not too extensive, believe me. Regis took Gus to the dog park and I said I would get going and pick up my check at River Rock but I have postponed that briefly so spend some more time sitting.

Regis had good news from the doctor the other day so we're going ahead with plans to replace the right knee. We had a laugh the other day over trying to remember if we were going to the urologist about a cataract or an orthopedic surgeon about a bladder issue. There were many hilarious permutations, as you can imagine. We crack ourselves up sometimes.

I finished a book when I was awake in the middle of the night. Provenance is the title. It's non-fiction with enough drama and intrigue to make it a story of interesting people.

We shifted our exercise routine to afternoons for the month of September. Rachel needed someone to be there to cover that hour and Regis thought it would work. It didn't. I got the creeps being there alone and only one of us could usually go because the other one had something else to do. We're done with that now but we have to come up with a new routine. Back to mornings.

I bought a new digital frame a couple weeks ago and finally assembled about 500 photos for it. As I was looking over pictures from the last several years, I realized how awful my garden looks this year. My goal is to clean it up this fall so I have a clean palette in the spring. We have gradually increased the shade in our yard to the point where flowers that need sun don't grow, or at least don't grow well. They're leggy and ugly. Peter has agreed to come over and be my shoveler for day in exchange for a big steak. Here's to a better looking yard next year.

Regis is performing a wedding in Janesville this afternoon. The groom is a firefighter so the happy couple will arrive on a firetruck. I'm sure I will weep. Ella is coming along and we have plans to be mildly fancy. She enjoys a good sparkle event as much as I do.

Here I go. Into the day. Happy Saturday.

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