Monday, September 03, 2012

on the boardwalk

We had a grand boardwalk party yesterday. The food was mostly of the carb-laden, junk variety but you can't be health conscious every day, now can you? When people were bending at the waist and exclaiming that they were stuffed at the end of the party, Regis said that's exactly the effect you want when you visit the shore.

We did have fresh green beans as a concession to the vegetable world.Green beans with bacon.

Testament to the different types of food and the labor involved in the preparation is that there was not one photo taken. Regis looked hot and sweaty when he came in from the grill after cooking onions and peppers, two dozen brats, and a batch of zippoles. As they say in the small town papers, a good time was had by all.

Usually at the end of a party, I just go to bed and don't wash a dish or clean up any of the mess. Tiffany dug right in and helped with the dishes, bless her heart, so I didn't have to face a frightful kitchen disaster this morning.

After 3+ years of going to the Pulse in the morning, we are turning our schedule on its head and going in the early afternoon. I'm a creature of habit so we'll see how this goes. Regis is a way more flexible character than I am and convinced me that it would be fine. I'm trying not to be so rigid but I did write everything on my google calendar and printed it so I can keep it front and center this week.

It's Labor Day. Honor labor and don't labor too much!

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