Tuesday, September 04, 2012

more royalty news

I forgot to mention our other tie to royal lines. The names of the three sisters in Regis's mom's family were Anastasia, Alexandra, and ...now we can't remember the third one. Unlikely we will be able to claim that throne. What the hell.

I rode my bike to work and stopped at the PO on the way home. I have liked to call it the PO ever since I read the story by Eudora Welty called Why I Live at the PO. It was hysterical. Still is. You should read it.

Anyway, back to the PO. It was hotter than hell in there. Someone told me that one dude who works there thinks he pays the electric bill (I guess technically, he does.) and he turns the AC off when he leaves on Friday. After a blistering three-day weekend like we just had, that old brick building doesn't cool off very fast. There were old people in line behind me and I had a pile of things to mail, so fearing that they might expire from heat exhaustion, I kept letting them go ahead in line. It was a busy mail day, though, and eventually I had to call a stop to that humanitarian act.

The lesson is this: Go to the PO at the end of the week during the summer.

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Jill said...

Our kids are Elisabeth, Charles, and Anne. The Queen has never acknowledged us, which I think is unfortunate. Better luck with Regis's family.