Wednesday, September 05, 2012

bear rides trike: like a lot of things in life

This picture really amused me. The more I think about it, it's a good metaphor for life. In more situations than not, we're ill-equipped to deal with what comes down the road but we grab the handle bars and pedal anyway. What else can we do?

I've been going to yoga classes periodically for a few years. It's been frustrating because I felt like I didn't know anything and it went too fast. It was like playing football when you don't know the rules. Not that I've ever done that. I couldn't watch the instructor and do the difficult poses at the same time, as hard as I tried.

I ordered a DVD and tried it the other day. The instructor goes very slow with the directions and tells me to focus on breathing. I know a few simple things now and feel competent enough to keep practicing. Interesting how we think we will learn just by being around someone who knows how to do it. It's the bear on the tricycle metaphor again.

It was my second fall with no first day of school and I can say I felt no pangs of regret or nostalgia. None. I got another one of those mildly threatening letters from some statewide organization for school administrators. They think that because I had a license, I should pay them a yearly fee. I sent them a letter once and said when I had a snow ball's chance in hell of getting a job as one, I would consider paying dues. Until then, not a chance. They keep sending the annual letter and I keep ripping it up in fits of maniacal laughter.

Now that I have been distracted by many things, I'll try to focus on getting to work. Get on your tricycle today and pedal like hell.

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