Sunday, September 30, 2012

are there better days than yesterday?

What a very nice day we had yesterday. We picked Ella up at 2:30 so she could attend the wedding in Janesville with us. She had planned her outfit carefully and was attired in a gray sparkly dress, pink hat, and ruffly socks.

Throughout the day, she would turn the hat's flower from front to back, or even the side. Regis always commented and she reminded him that he didn't know about girls' hats. Even in her fancy clothes, she gave me a volleyball lesson at the park. She had learned this from a friend of hers in first grade, and from watching volleyball on the Olympics.

She was very interested in all aspects of the wedding and helped Regis get his stole on correctly. She wondered if he would have to speech and if he knew how to do that. I assured her he did and it would be fine. Hmm, she said.

The wedding party arrived in fire department vehicles, the groom in his dress uniform. It was a nice touch.

We went to Pappageorge for dinner after the wedding, where Ella entertained us with her banter. She pronounced that Pappageorge was a classy place, classier than Patrick's, for sure. She had learned the word classy on Sponge Bob Squarepants.

We had wonderful steaks for dinner, shared a piece of carrot cake, and came on home. A splendid day, for sure.

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