Saturday, September 08, 2012

a killer workout

Yesterday, I'm working out with Rachel who must sometimes forget that I am almost sixty. She says, "Do the sidewinder down and back two times." I looked at her dumbly so she demonstrated. Plank position, cross hands, move down the floor. Who invents this stuff?

This picture of Kermit doing the plank looks more like me than the other muscle-bound and scantily-clad women I saw in my google search.

I had to do a frog jump, too, which must be easier if you are an actual frog. Getting my old bones to crouch down and move horizontally down the mat is not an easy thing to muster and might have been hilarious to watch. Similar to the ministry of silly walks. I'm here to tell the story, though, so I guess it didn't kill me.

My goals for exercise are simply to be strong and active. I'm not looking to appear in public in a bikini anymore but would settle for being able to get out of my chair alone when I'm really old.

Elliot came to spend the day with us on Thursday. We met his Aunt Emily and Cousin Alex at the coffee shop where the boys played with trains for an hour while we chatted.

Elliot is on the patio watching a woodpecker eat peanuts. He was fascinated and was able to get very close. The woodpecker turned his head from time to time to keep at eye on him, but didn't seem bothered. I think we've kept him well-fed on peanuts for a long time so he trusts us.

We packed a picnic lunch and went to the park to play. Elliot says this is his happy face. I also took some pictures of what he called his not happy face. We had a fine time.

Regis is making me coffee, it's Bob's 33rd birthday, I'm watching the birds flit around the garden, and it's a beautiful morning. Grand start to the day!

Happy birthday, Bob!

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Jill said...

I love Elliot's happy face... will he let you post his not happy face? I'll bet that's adorable, too!

(By the way, I'm having trouble proving I'm not a robot. Those run-together letters and blurry numbers present a challenge sometimes!)