Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1708 posts and where does this stuff come from?

I was sitting over the keyboard this morning, in the dark, sipping my coffee and contemplating the title of this post. This is post #1709 and I wonder how I could have thought of all those titles and all that stuff I write about. I guess the words spellbound by our own imperfect lives, which I did not write, explain it.

I worked at the Chamber Business After Hours yesterday afternoon. It's been fun the two times I have done it. River Rock makes a great spread of food, business people from the area come in to mingle and sample, and I get to chat with them. I guess you could call that work, right?

It was late when I got home so Regis and I went to Whiskey River for dinner. It was a chilly evening, getting dark as we left the house, and we had a fine time sipping wine and talking about the day. I had a Reuben sandwich which was so big I could only eat a quarter of it. The French onion soup was delicious, too.

I maintain two business Facebook pages now, River Rock and Pappageorge. It's fun work and I've learned a lot, mainly that you can never have too much content or too many photos. I've studied the numbers enough to know what works. People don't want an advertisement, they want to be social. Oh, it's hard work being so engaging all the time. Hahaha!

We're heading to Mankato this morning to buy some groceries, get our annual eye exams, and to take Gus to the Paw for a few hours. That dog loves to run and play. We might stop for coffee and I might make a run into the consignment shop. The clothes I've bought there this summer I wear like uniforms. I love that last long cardigan I bought.

I better get moving. No news to report beyond what you just read.

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Jill said...

I'm pretty slow on the uptake, Teresa. I didn't realize until I took a look at the Pappageorge info that it's a Pappas restaurant. Makes sense... I just don't have enough of it (sense) to figure things out fast!!
Congrats on becoming the social media maven for the restaurant!