Wednesday, August 15, 2012

when tuesday feels like friday

We were out yesterday.Out of sorts. Out of patience. Out of energy. Out of whack. We both felt like we had one nerve left all day. And it seemed like there was always someone ready to jump on it.

About 4:30, we headed down to vote in the primary election and there was a FOX news truck in the parking lot. There was a big voter turn-out so it was about the only other vehicle in the lot. Regis is not a big fan of FOX so I was a little nervous that he would have some choice words like must be a slow news day or something. We got through unscathed, however.

We stopped by Patrick's and had a beer on our way home and sat in our usual booth under the tree. There was a fellow in the next booth with, seriously, the most irritating laugh ever. It was like a donkey only louder and he thought everything was funny. We stood it for about twenty minutes then we had to move. The server said, "What's up with that guy?" so we knew it wasn't only our out of whack moods.

Like so many things in life, it was right out of a Seinfeld episode.

The city was seal coating our neighborhood streets yesterday so we were trapped a couple times for short periods. Regis and Young Regis went to Men-R-Nerds to buy gutter caps and had to hang around the coffee shop drinking latte and eating cookies for a half hour because they couldn't get down our street. That was torture, right?

I rode my bike around town doing errands and going to the Pulse and didn't have trouble except that Third Street felt like a parade route. Big dump trucks and sweepers and men standing around with stop signs and shovels. I waved and called greetings. I'm sure they thought I was odd.

A friend of mine, a recently retired school teacher, told me yesterday he was thinking of renewing his license "just in case". This would mean attending the pre-school workshops which were one of the reasons I was eager to be done. Sitting through that for 36 years is almost more than a guy should have to endure.

I told him to forget it but Regis urged him to do it...just in case. What??? My license expired in July and I don't recall him encouraging me along those lines although he claims he did and I just laughed. Yeah, I might have done that.

I don't believe in "just in case" anyway. If that's your life philosophy, you might as well just start worrying yourself to death the day you're born. What the hell. Things will work out and in my case, most likely they will work out without a teaching license.

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