Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend hijinks

We had a grand weekend that included almost all of our favorite things: patio time, a fire in the chimnea, homemade ribs from Alton Brown's recipe, a drink with friends, a sleepover with Ella, and some laziness. You can't beat that with a to-do list! I've grown fonder of slothfulness lately and I think it's a good thing.

Ella and I attended the Govenaires' Drum Corps Expo on Saturday night. I was a little worried about her attention span but it was not a huge investment of money or distance so I thought we could leave early if her interest waned. She loved it, though. The flags, dancing, colorful costumes, and good music kept her eyes wide.

A couple of the corps used gongs. She looked at me in wonder and said, "Only emperors have gongs! I know that because I saw Kung Fu Panda!" I think more than a few people chuckled.

One of Ella's favorite activities at our house is to dress up fancy and have Poppop take pictures. She brings a few dresses with her and likes to wear hats. She usually picks out my outfit, too. Of course, Gus wanted to be in the pictures.

We went to the dog park on Sunday for a while. Regis and Gus are both glad to have a dog park in St. Peter so they don't have to make the daily trip to Mankato.

Back to work. It's Monday so the slothfulness must come to some sort of end.

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