Friday, August 10, 2012

sleeping during the county fair

We live about two blocks from the county fair grounds. During the five days the fair is in session, we have a bounty of noise. There's someone on a microphone, not sure what he says as it isn't that clear, but it's constant. Every night there's something...a lawn tractor pull, a big tractor pull, a demo derby, horse and buggy races, a talent show.

The noise abates about 10 o'clock and it isn't overwhelming. We like leaving the bedroom window open so we can hear the happy sounds.

Tonight, most of our kids are coming and we're going to make our annual pilgrimage to the fair. Since Regis had knee surgery only a month ago, we'll drive as far as we can get (Reggie's house right outside the gate) and hobble down to the beer garden. From there, we can make forays out to the corn dog stand or the funnel cake trailer.

We could be there two hours at the most. The little kids might do some rides, we like to walk through the exhibit building to test our powers of eye contact aversion. They try to book you for a Mary Kay party or to sign up for a vacuum cleaner demonstration. No thanks.

Remember this year: No matter how tempted you are, DO NOT PET THE PIGS!

Here's a picture from the archives of Emily and Ella at the end of the 2006 county fair trip. It was Ella's first.

I made the Summer Garden Gratin yesterday but I made the mistake of not reading the recipe over first and I screwed several things up. I layered it wrong...tomatoes should be on the top or enough of the juice doesn't cook off. I put the Panko crumbs on right away instead of waiting until the end. And I forgot to drizzle the thyme oil over the zucchini. Dang.

I finished Wolf Hall this morning when I woke at 4 o'clock. I really liked it although to say you liked a book about the middle ages is saying something. There were a few be-headings, some burnings at the stake, and lots of dangerous intrigue. I had a little trouble keeping all the Marys, Richards, and Thomases straight. There were a ton of characters and most were named...Mary, Richard, or Thomas. Not much imagination in those days, I guess.

I'm doing very well on my plan for improved health. My sleep is better, I'm exercising more, and all in all, things are looking great. 

Happy Friday, friends!

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