Thursday, August 23, 2012

movin' through the week at a fast clip

Here I sit. Staring into space and drinking coffee. Wondering where the week went even though it's only Thursday. Sometimes I get the sense that I'm standing still and everything is whizzing past, like the opening scene of Star Wars.

My friend, Joanne, has gone back to a to-do list because she says she'll forget what she needs to do if she doesn't have one. I say that's not a bad thing. I make a list from week to week but it's usually only a list of places I have to be. Not things I have to do. I am seriously bad at accomplishing things.

Yesterday I got the urge to purge and filled two boxes and a big plastic tub with stuff. Clothes I don't wear, half bottles of lotion and perfume, canning jars I bought and never used because the inspiration for them had dissipated before I unwrapped the box. Probably before I got them home from the store. If I had more boxes and more time, I could have done some serious damage yesterday to the stockpile of stuff in my house.

Alas, it was not to be. Now I have to wait for that aura to hit me again.

Regis and I made a visit to the orthopedic surgeon and went out for lunch to celebrate the decision to have his other knee replaced. They did an x-ray and the left one is as bad, if not worse, than the right one was. He won't know what it feels like to navigate without knee pain.

His doctor is negotiating with the local hospital to do knee replacements here. It would make it a less complicated business for us as the hospital about a mile away. If anyone reading this has ever landed in the local hospital, let me know about the food. Regis does not have much interest in food after surgery but I always like to check out the cafeteria and this hospital doesn't seem to have one. There was mention on their website, of vending machines. Uff da, as Elliot says.

We picked Elliot up at daycare about 3 o'clock and he came over for the evening. He was getting tired and cranky about 6 so we walked down to the Dairy Queen. He kept up a running commentary on street signs, rules for walking, naughty kids at daycare, his favorite ice cream flavor, and his Thomas the Tank Engine backpack. We had a lovely time.

I was oddly (or maybe not) fascinated by the story of Prince Harry appearing in nude photos on the internet. If you haven't read about it, he apparently went on a holiday to Vegas and too bad, but what happened in Vegas didn't stay there. Someone at the after hours party in his room had a camera and snapped a couple photos of His Highness as they say, butt naked. Nothing but the TMZ star to hide his private parts, although they are not all that private anymore. It's interesting to imagine the conversation between Harry and Grandma. I bet there were some raised eyebrows and some stern looks cast his way. Ah, well. The rich folk get it like the rest of us.

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