Friday, August 03, 2012

hoping my cranky phase has passed

I have been seeing my doctor for my cranky symptoms. I have a plan for better health now that includes yoga, more exercise, healthy eating, being outside, and a new hobby or two.

I did a google search for "grumpy" in images and this is the first picture that popped up. The funny thing is that it's a picture of me as a toddler. How did that happen? If you put grumpy in google, does my picture come up first?

I used this machine at the gym this morning. It's not as daunting as it appears but you do feel like you might just move out the door and down the street. Who invents these things?

As I was commiserating and trying to make it to ten minutes, I saw the South African fellow in the Olympics who runs on two prosthetic legs. He's running in the 400 it called a dash? It sort of took the wind out of my complainy sales!

I went shopping for shoes yesterday. I admit I have been a bit of a boot whore the past few years but I have had trouble buying shoes. They were either too flat or too high or too old-lady looking or too skanky looking. I admired Bonnie's shoes at work and when she told me where she got them, I high-tailed it right over there.

I found two pair, a black and a brown. The clerk told me that the designer of the brown shoe was the person who won some reality runway show. Huh? This was not the kind of place you expect to find designer shoes, believe me.

I have an Instagram account which is a phone app that takes photos. Actually, I have for work and one for personal photos. I read (somewhere) that the supreme leader of Iran has an Instagram account and has published a few quite nice photos of himself. As he can be quite a character, I thought this was sweet. I never write bad things even about despots because you never know when they will google themselves and come looking for you. You can check out the photos of him here.

I went to the giant hobby store in Mankato yesterday, intending to buy yard to make a scarf. I thought they had simple patterns but I couldn't find one so did the cheap thing and bought some pretty yarn on sale and decided to use the needles I have already. I bought four skeins so it will probably be enough scarves for a dozen people. Maybe I'll check out Pinterest, the source for electronic hoarders.

We're going to Schmidt's this afternoon so we have a meat supply for the weekend. We especially need bacon and a good steak. On to the weekend...

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