Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dreams...or lack thereof

I checked my blog stats this morning and I see that my post the party what started out as jumpin' around, which was the name of my dream book, has been read by 450 people. I've read that post a few times since I stopped counting my own visits to the blog but still that's a lot of people. Too bad I've never figured how to make money off this little venture. Maybe it would pay my medical costs in my dotage.

Put dream into the search box on the top of my blog and see what kind of bizarre stuff you get. We have active dream lives...probably more active than our real lives. As I have said before, Regis is the champ of strange and detailed dreams. If he had been writing his dreams down all these years, we could be writing a book. A very weird and disjointed book but I think there's a market for that, too.

I think it's going to be a tough season politically in the social media. I have tried to avoid that stuff but sometimes I just can't help it and I know other people can't help it either. But, it's disconcerting when a person you like and admire, admits to loving Glen Beck. This is information I would rather not have. Once I learned that a member of my family admitted to getting all of his political information from Rush Limbaugh. Whoa, Nelly. That is some scary shit right there and frankly, it changes how a guy feels about the person who said it.

Saturday while I was riding my bike around town, I listened to a podcast called The Body's Grace: The Matthew Sanford Story. Matthew has been paralyzed since the age of 13 and now teaches yoga in Minneapolis. It was a fascination story so I ordered his book, Waking. In Waking, he tells a powerful and compelling story of healing from the accident that killed his father and sister and healing from his paralysis. The outcome his medical team sought for him is not the one he chose.

So far, today is starting out just fine. A slow waking, a cup of coffee, a visit to the yard with Gus, and some blog musing. Octover 1st is the 6th birthday of my blog so a retrospective will probably be in order. This blog started out as a way to document our attempt to walk 500 miles in a year, hence the name Buns of Stone. We made it about a month with the walking but I carried on with the writing for 1695 posts. Not all of them funny, or even interesting, but there you go.

Have a grand day.

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