Saturday, August 11, 2012

county fair and cheese curds

We made our way to the county fair last night. It was demo derby night so the crowd was huge and there were lots of interesting things for the kids to see: horse mounted police, games of chance, food galore, animals, and the glorious midway. 

They had the good sense to not be too interested in what they called the scary rides, but Alex and Elliot, to our surprise, decided they wanted to try the giant slide. I love these pictures because the kids look terrified but they said they had fun. Looks like Bob and Tiff had fun!

Everybody had at least one junky thing to eat. I had the world's worst cheeseburger. Not quite so bad that I would resort to this signage, but it was bad. Let's see...I saw cotton candy, milk shakes, hot dogs, beer, lemonade, nachos, and corn dogs. I'd say we had a good sampling.

About the time the demo derby started, we decided to head for home. We were sated, the night was getting cool, and we were tired of crowds. It was a good time.

Peter looking pensive and he's no doubt thinking about the nine dollar cheese curds...which were not sampled. We did find cheese curds on the black market but by then everyone was full of fair food. So far, this summer, I have been to two fairs where my kids said they HAD TO HAVE CHEESE CURDS. Then they refuse to pay the price for them. Haha!

Regis, Peter, and I had a cold can of beer in what we call the beer garden but it's really a beer pole shed. It's open to the elements which is nice but that also means everything is covered with a nice sheen of black dirt. Ah, well. It's the county fair. Don't attend if you expect clean. (Although, they did have some of the nicest bathrooms I have seen in a while.)

I'm thinking about a long bike ride this morning and then a stop at River Rock for one of Amber's lattes. Good way to start a Saturday, don't you think?

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