Thursday, July 26, 2012

there's a rainbow somewhere this evening

And not just because of the rain. Two of our friends who have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer had oncology appointments this week and received good news. No chemo. Things seem clear. No need to come back. Wonderful to celebrate this kind of news.

Regis has had good appointments this week, too, although he got a little cranky this afternoon when they made him go from the 2nd floor back to the 1st floor to check in, which involves the same thing he has done countless times in the last two weeks. Same checklist, same insurance card, same questions.

We're thinking how weird it is that with so many different medical facilities in our area, that many of them do not share electronic records. Someone tried to explain it to me today but I waved my hand and suggested they make a spreadsheet or a Venn diagram. It's crazy.

In the past week, he has updated his medication list three times. The person asking always puts it in a computer but the next person doesn't have access to the information so we do it all again. Don't try to explain it to's like how airplanes fly and why birds legs don't freeze off in the winter. Inexplicable.

I am floored again (re-floored) at the things people discuss loudly in waiting rooms. I have learned to bring a book or Kindle and to make every attempt to be absorbed in it or somebody will try to engage me in a conversation about their prostate.

At the clinic today, I spotted this InstyMed machine. You put your prescription in (somewhere) and it blasts out your medication. What the hell and how do it know? (Reference to the old joke about the thermos.) I was stunned and amazed but Regis shrugged and said they are everywhere. How did I miss this modern marvel?

Here's what the InstyMeds website says: The InstyMeds dispenser combines the safety and security of an ATM with the simplicity of a soda machine! State-of-the-art InstyMeds technology ensures safe and secure medication dispensing directly to patients at the point-of-care.

I watched the video on the website but I still don't get how it works. Inexplicable, I guess.

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Jill said...

Such good news for your friends, Teresa.

As for the the need to repeat information for medical purposes, I've had the same experience and so has Larry. I made up my mind that the next time I'm in a situation where I need to make multiple visits to a clinic or hospital, I'm going to ask for a print-out of my information every time, and hand it to the next person. I was at the XX Clinic last fall and gave my info in detail, then walked across the hall into the XY hospital for a blood test and had to recreate all the information. What?? If I'd left the door open between the two, both receptionists would have heard the same information the first time! Grumble, grumble!