Friday, July 20, 2012

regis sees the doc, gets a good report, and we laugh about condoms

Regis saw his surgeon this afternoon, who proclaimed him a rock star. In ten days, he has made progress made by most patients in 4-5 weeks. He can straighten his leg and walk with a cane, in fact, he can walk without a cane. He bypassed the crutches entirely and barely used the walker once he was home. He's worked hard at it and I knew he would.

Dr. Swanson will see him again in four weeks to talk about the other knee. We'd like to get that done before winter.

You can look this up and I only write about it because it's the weird kind of news story that we love. At the Olympic Village, 150,000 condoms will be distributed free to the athletes. Regis read somewhere that each athlete would get 15 free condoms for the 17-day event. That's a lot of....activity. Never mind that these people are competing in things like high hurdles and 400 meter dash (Is that a thing?) which for most people would be enough physical exertion for two weeks.

I went into Men R Nerds by myself today to get a handle for our patio door which broke the other day. Ah, yes. Not a simple task. None of their patio door handles would fit our door so I said never mind I would screw a block of wood to each side and call it good.

There was a fancy four-wheeler thing outside Men R Nerds with a log splitter attached behind it. I don't know what this contraption costs but it seems like an indicator of conspicuous consumption. It might make more sense to just have...a furnace.

We stopped for a bite to eat and watched part of the Tour de France on the television. I might have to do some research on this. There were many things going on there that I have no interest in, one of which is the race itself, even if I did have the gumption and the skill to do it. I could tip over. Lots of bad things could happen.

There were people who looked like they climbed onto a platform thing and it lifted them, by way of a crane, into the air to watch. I would also not partake of this. Are people crazy?

Sometimes it confounds me, the many ways in which I am dumb about sports. I have heard of this for years and never had the curiosity to find out anything about it. I thought it was a little one-day bike race.

All in all, a good day. On to the weekend.

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