Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, yeah, another hot day

I have been mostly inert today.

I woke up early but did not exercise. I intended to work this morning (from home) but that didn't happen either.

I spent two hours at the clinic doing my annual physical. Everything looks good and I'm scheduled for a bunch of tests. Ack.

I like my doctor (nurse practitioner) a lot but some of those people in medical facilities are cranky.

I worked this afternoon which was fine. I made a trip to the farmer's market for more homemade jam, hot peppers, and smoked Italian sausage. I love the farmer's market.

I finished the last Will Thomas book. They are very entertaining which is what I seek lately. My brain is not coping well with the high literary arts. Not like it ever did.

This time of day, I lose interest in making dinner. A sorry state of affairs since this is when some people like to eat it. Too bad.

Our neighbors are moving. Very sad day. We will miss them. I should have made a casserole but mostly I just avoided it.

Regis is taking a nap. Lucky guy. I wish I could sleep during the day. Can't.

Ah, well. Off to the patio.

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