Tuesday, July 24, 2012

morning rain

We woke to rain and thunder early this morning. I intended to go exercise but decided it was more pleasant to stay in bed reading, dozing, and listening to the rolling thunder. I don't regret that decision a bit. I can go later.

We've had about 3/4 of an inch of rain. Much needed rain. The humidity yesterday was oppressive and we're hoping that this weather front kicked some of that along the way.

Regis continues to recover well but has difficulty sitting in hard chairs. The back of his thigh gets sore and we've theorized that it's muscles and tendons stretching and accommodating the new knee. That, the extreme heat, and the dog combine to keep us home and inside most days. It's like cabin fever in the summer but it will pass.

This time of year, I get tired of watering plants outside. Well, actually, I never really like it. Most of my plants are of the Darwin variety...survival of the fittest. I have watered my patio plants this year and they look better than ever. Who knew.

My frame of mind is improving to the point where I see things that need to be done around the house and yard. Not to the point where I always want to take care of them, but at least I am aware. We have quite a crop of volunteer trees that have sprung up in the last year. It makes you wonder how long it would take for your yard to revert to forest if you stopped mowing the grass for any length of time.

My back porch is badly in need of a cleaning. I knew yesterday when I was digging through cardboard boxes, blankets, dog toys, and rugs... and a couple of toys tumbled off the shelf and to the floor. I just looked at them and thought, yes, I should clean this up. Anybody interested in sharing a dumpster?

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