Saturday, July 28, 2012

making a plan for the day

Beautiful morning. We slept with the window open and it was so pleasant to hear the birds this morning. I think they all high-tailed it to the north when it was so hot. Smart birds.

We're drinking coffee and making a plan for the day. So far, the weekend has been quiet. But it's early, right? We need to make a trip to the farmer's market and the grocery store this morning. Gus is badly in need  of a trip to the dog park and Regis has to pick up some meds. How is that for productivity?

The rest of the day will be more leisurely. I think we'll be able to pay a call on our friends, Tom and Betty. We've hardly laid eyes on Betty for months but we do see Tom regularly at Patrick's. In fact, we had a beer together yesterday.

Ella may come for a sleepover since the weather is cooler and we can use the blow-up bed on the porch. We've been talking about this all summer. Last time she was here we made a list on sticky notes of what she should bring and what we would do. A lot of it was food-related with marshmallows being near the top of the list, I believe.

Reading books on the porch with the windows open was another must-do item. Ella has always liked to read books in bed, a wonderful trait in a little kid.

If all of this is going to happen, I better get off my perch and get started. Happy Saturday!

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