Saturday, July 21, 2012

getting my stuff in the right slots

I woke up early but didn't get out of bed until 8. I started reading John Irving's new book, In One Person, and really like it. As in his other books, many interesting characters. It makes me want to read again, all his other books that are among my all-time favorites: The World According to Garp, Hotel New Hampshire, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and Cider House Rules.

I did all my household chores. Well, most of them. Picked up stuff, cleaned out the refrigerator, did the dishes, took out the trash and recycling. I have a pile of paperwork in the office to sort through and deal with by we're on the right track.

The leaves are drifting off our birch tree like it's autumn already. I'm sure it's the stress of the hot summer and  the fact that it's almost August. Almost August. How can that be?

I forgot to tell this funny story. When Regis had his surgery, they sutured the inside stuff but stapled the outside skin together. It looked gruesome. Like Frankenstein. I knew yesterday they were going to remove the staples so when the nurse said she was going to get the crimper, I said I would step into the hall.

I made myself busy with the models of ankles and hips on a shelf, then heard Regis holler. I moved further down the hall. When I went back in he was laughing and said it didn't hurt at all...he just did it to get a rise out of me The nurse, all business, didn't think it was funny.

I found pictures on google images of knee surgery staples but I am going to do everyone who reads my blog a favor and not publish them. Like I said, gruesome.

Regis bought Gus this treat ball. You put treats in the bottom and he has to roll it until they drop into the other half, and then roll it some more until the roll out the hole. He knows enough to push it around the living room and he knows enough to scout the path looking for droppage. We get such a kick out of him.

Reading the paper this morning. Shooting and a goat man in Utah. I have to go back to being news-avoidant. It's a crazy world and I don't want to know about most of it.

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Jill said...

I had staples in my abdomen after hysterectomy surgery. The nurse who took the staples out had a similar sense of humor as Regis's nurse. When I asked her if she had to run over to Office Max to get a staple remover, she glowered at me. Maybe a lot of people ask that question to be "funny" and she's tired of it, or else she's humorless. I though it was hilarious.