Monday, July 23, 2012

driving with miss wilma

Since Regis had his knee replaced, I have been doing the driving. I never drive so I wondered if I was getting on his nerves as I am notoriously a slower, more cautious driver than he is. Yesterday he made a comment about driving like Wilma Flintstone. I tried to find a picture of Wilma driving and there were none to be found. Only Betty or Fred.

I worked out with Rachel this morning and she kicked my ass. I was sweating, my arms were shaking, and I almost konked myself with a ten-pound kettle bell. Who invented these devices of torture?

She said Jason is building a set of monkey bars. I inquired as to the reason and Rachel said so people can do pull-ups. I always got an F in pull-ups on fitness tests. I also always got an F in the softball throw. I have unpleasant memories of those physical endeavors. Oh, and the rope climb. Seems like in my day, PE was not really physical education but a place for those already talented to show off their skills. I never got better at anything. Who cares now, right?

My glasses fog up every time I leave the house or the car. This weather pattern can just move on because it almost makes me miss winter. Even the birds are hunkered down.

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