Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cooking when it's 100 degrees sucks, kind of

It's been too hot to do much cooking but a guy has to eat so once in a while I suck it up and just do it. Sunday, I baked a giant chicken and a meatloaf. We've been eating that cold since then.

Today, I started dealing with the accumulating vegetables from our CSA. I sliced up three pounds of cucumbers to make pickles tomorrow. I sauteed onion, red pepper, and a boat load of leafy greens. And I made my favorite summer recipe, Summer Garden Gratin.

It's layers of zucchini and patty pan squash, caramelized onion, and tomatoes. Some fresh thyme, olive oil, and garlic gets drizzled on some of the layers. There is a layer of Panko crumbs, parmesan cheese, and oil on the top.

Before the crumb layer...

After the crumb layer...

It's a putzy recipe to make because you have to layer all the vegetables on paper towels and sprinkle them with salt to get rid of the moisture. I've made vegetable gratins without this step and they end up like soup. It's a wonderful recipe and worth all the trouble.

Of course, I wouldn't bother with those nasty red grocery store tomatoes. Might as well eat styrofoam.

It's too hot today to even enjoy the evening shade.

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