Wednesday, July 11, 2012

brand new knee

Regis got his new knee yesterday! The surgery took about an hour, he was in his room by 4, in a chair by 6, and walking by 11. I think that is amazing. I stayed until I knew he was safe and they were taking good care of him, then I picked Gus up and we came home. My friend, Emily, came over to share some dinner and a glass of wine. It was nice to have company after that long day.

The surgeon said he had worn that knee down to nothing. It wasn't even straight anymore.

I had several texts from Regis through the night as they woke him up to check vitals and move him around. He said he watched the All Star game...pretty good for guy who spent the day on morphine, oxycontin, percocet, and versed. He was up, bathed, and dressed by 6 am, which is a much faster pace than I am on this morning.

It's a huge relief to have it over.

I just realized that it's a good thing I shut down the comments for a while. I'd be getting drug offers from all over the world.

Gus is lost without Regis. When we got home yesterday, he went into every room looking for him. Last night, he kept getting up to wander into the living room, thinking Regis would be there, I suppose. He went swimming twice yesterday and I thought he would be too tired to move. Not so.

Hospitals are very stimulating places. Everybody is bustling about and very loud. People in waiting areas or elevators seem unable to have quiet conversations. One woman had a loud cell conversation about her medical issues in the packed elevator. I was glad when Regis got into a room and I didn't have to hang with the crowds anymore.

I'll go back to visit and participate in his rehab this afternoon. It was so good to see him looking so alert and well. Such a relief to have it over.

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