Tuesday, June 05, 2012

social media and brain clutter

I'm taking a break from the world of social media for which I am paid to do my own personal social media campaign. That's what we call it in the social media world. A campaign.

I spent the last hour cleaning off my desk and trying to clear my part of the office of junk. I have a large desk where my computer sits but I was trying to use if for all of these purposes:

  • Make-up and hair drying
  • Vitamin storage
  • Personal paper correspondence (cards, stationery, stamps, address book)
  • Work of my kinds
  • Exercise clothes storage (what?)
  • Medical records
  • Bills
Good grief. No wonder I was over-whelmed.

I've cleaned out everything but the work-related stuff. I have to find another place for all that other junk. I threatened on Facebook to start a bonfire in the middle of the street and start tossing.

I could use that TLC show about clutter...their team...to come in and get me organized.

Now I'm down to four piles.
  • A current work pile
  • An on-going work pile
  • A personal pile
  • A miscellaneous pile
Our house is too small to maintain this level of shit accumulation. It's a constant battle to keep the common areas free of junk. I have given up on the basement and the back porch. No, that's not true. But many days I don't have the gumption to face it.

The article that I have but keep losing is now on my desk. Front and center. How to Tackle Your Clutter. There you go.

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