Thursday, June 28, 2012

the roller coaster and a mini-rant

Regis had a great report from the cardiologist on Monday, rescheduled his surgery, made arrangements for all the other malarkey, then got a call yesterday that they want him to do another stress test. It feels like we're making progress, then we get dropped again. We are hoping that in a month it will all be over and he'll be on the path to recovery. Medical crap is very stressful.

I've been thinking about social media since it's a big part of my job now. I feel like I've been pretty successful at helping to build an audience and engage people in conversations about our food. Then one day I get called out, personally, by a woman I know, for writing too much on Facebook. This is our business page we're talking about, not my personal page.

She starts the comment by saying, "How do I be nice?"

When someone starts a conversation like that, it's like saying, "No offense, but..." Guaranteed offense. And you're not nice.

Doesn't that violate a few of the rules of social discourse? Even on Facebook?

I told her, publicly, that she has control over what she looks at on any social media. It's like television. If you don't like something, don't watch it. But don't blame me when you're the one looking.

I have unsubscribed from lots of people on Facebook. I subscribe to some posts or none at all. I hide stuff I don't want to look at. I block apps (Farmville) I don't want to see. My social media, my house, my rules.

I also told her that only 20% of our fans see any one post. Too bad if she is always in the 20%. I didn't go into all the stuff about algorithms and such. Most people don't want to know.

Ah, my rant of the morning. That crap has been in my head long enough.

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