Monday, June 11, 2012

the party what started out as jumpin' around

I had a dream that I wrote a book called The Party What Started Out as Jumpin' Around. I wrote about it here. It occurred to me that it would have been a good theme for the birthday party or at least for a blog post. Ah, well.

I had a dream the other night that someone built me a wooden cart with an umbrella. It looked a little bit like this in the dream. Not as fancy.

More like this. With an umbrella. I don't remember being dressed as a rag picker from Charles Dickens' time but that would be appropriate.

I pushed it up and down Minnesota Avenue filled with scones and muffins and a airpot full of coffee. I was wearing an apron. People would pull over in their cars and I would sell them coffee and treats. Yeah, my subconscious has a great imagination.

I have been hunkered down most of the day writing my social media. After about four hours of that, a guy could get a little bit irreverent. I learned at my seminar that Twitter is like a Chamber cocktail party where everyone has had a few glasses of wine. I can relate. There is so much to makes my head swim.

Last week, I met with a young fellow about a new thing called SpotOn. Their website says SpotOn is a simple rewards program and social media platform that lets you connect with customers long after they have left your store. I listened to him for about a half hour, working really hard to hang on to the threads of meaning. I finally said he had to stop so I could let this roll around in my head and get into the right slots. It's not that hard, but you know how it is, right?

I think I will adjourn this party to the patio for now. I have had quite enough of computer screens for the afternoon. Carry on.

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