Monday, June 04, 2012

no pictures...just blather

I went to work out with Rachel this morning. Except that I know this is what I pay her for, I would think she was trying to kill me.

Regis is down there now, probably not faring any better than I did. He's trying to strengthen his knees before he gets one or both replaced.

Like I told her, I'm not complaining. I can do a lot of things that some people half my age can't do and I'm glad for that. One-legged squats, for example. That will serve me well into my old age, right?

Rachel is telling me about what she calls the new wave of fitness whereby you try to stay strong and balanced into your older years. So you can get off the toilet at the nursing home by yourself, presumably.

You see the future and it's not the future you want. Yes, I have been there.

We had such a nice weekend that it's hard to face the day and leave it behind.

It was so much fun to see my mom this weekend. She is such a good sport and so much fun. She likes wine and she likes people so taking her to vineyards was a hoot and a half, as they say.

I'm reading Jim Harrison's books again because I love them. Some people in the reviews complain about his rambling style but it suits me. I find so many sentences that I love. I miss the characters when the book ends.

I do spend some time trying to find new things to read but it's a struggle.

It's the weekend of our big birthday bash. There are parts of this I over-thought and parts I probably under-thought. The guest list, for example, is a real mess. I lost my addresses off my computer so some out-of-towners are going to have a good excuse not to travel. I carried invitations in my purse and sometimes handed them out with reckless abandon. Ah, well. Such is life.

Off into the week. I had fewer blog posts last month than I ever have in the history of the blog so my goal is to do better this month. Here's to June.

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