Thursday, June 07, 2012

my morning journal

I love sitting at my desk in the morning to write. I've been cranking out the River Rock blog on a fairly regular basis and it's easy to focus on that and neglect my own. I think clearing off my desk helped.

Regis and I had a nice day yesterday. Gus went to The Paw and we did a little shopping and went out for lunch. I try to keep the thought in my head that I am trying to clear my house of clutter so I shouldn't buy more stuff but I couldn't resist this orange purse. No pictures. You'll have to see it.

We're in the last two days of birthday party prep which really isn't prep at all since we're having it somewhere else and I'm not doing anything. I decided not to worry about weeding the garden, something I rarely worry about anyway and why would I worry about it now, I wonder.

I like frogs and have a lot of them in my garden. The lawn art kind of frog, not the real, amphibious kind of frog. Not that I have seen the real kind, anyway. Doesn't mean they aren't there. I was walking over to take a picture of another weird happening when I spotted these guys down among the dead leaves and new growth. The laughing one cracks me up.

This is a giant toad stool that appeared on my neighbor's lawn overnight. You can see another one in the background with more of an open umbrella look. I got right down there to photograph this one. It looks like an alien ship. Regis asked me why I called it a toad stool and not a mushroom. Not sure.

I don't eat anything that grows on the lawn, I don't care how much like a mushroom it looks. I had an unfortunate episode with some morel mushrooms a few years back and I don't even mess with them anymore.

When we picked Gus up at The Paw yesterday, we were given this treat bag. It's from Sadie, the dog who celebrated her birthday yesterday. The cookies were for Gus. Haha! How cute is that!

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