Friday, June 29, 2012

morning journal

I went to the Pulse this morning, something for which I seem to have trouble finding motivation some mornings. There was nobody else teenagers hitting tractor tires with sledge it was peaceful. I did my strength exercises so when I got to a nursing home when I'm 98, I'll be able to get out of a chair by myself. That's my goal.

I weeded my garden the other day. First time this year and it showed. I'm sure the neighbors drove into their driveway and exclaimed in surprise. I can be such a slacker sometimes. I have the sprinkler on it now as it has been very hot and dry here.

This afternoon, I'm going to clean and cook all of my dark, leafy greens with some sweet onions and red pepper and freeze it in little pucks. Regis is not a fan and I can't eat this much of it but won't it taste good in the winter?

I have had great trouble sleeping lately. I finally went to the doctor the other day and I think she has me squared away...or at least I might be in a month. I'd give anything to sleep like I did when I was fifteen. Too bad that when you get old enough to have the time to sleep, you can't.

Regis took Gus to the dog park. I should have gotten right into the tub when they left but I forgot and now it's too late. Gus will need a bath when he comes home and he'll leave about an inch of Blue Earth County in the bottom. This is how the surface of the earth dog bath at a time.

Happy Friday, my friends. Do something fun this weekend!

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