Monday, June 18, 2012

Joint Class

Regis is having his right knee replaced on Tuesday the 26th. In preparation, we attended Joint Class today. Joint Class. They really call it that. We made a bunch of jokes all weekend about it and we were brutal today. Killer humor. Joint class.

The funny thing is we were probably the only ones in class who thought it was funny. The couple next to us have kids older than us. That's kind of encouraging, right? One old dude was having both knees replaced at the same time. He could use a joint class.

We only laugh about this because we have seen it on television and in movies. Not that we have any experience with joints.

We took Gus to the Paw, attended Joint Class, did a few errands, and had a late lunch at Mazatlan. We came home and sat on the patio in the heat and mosquitoes for a while. It was a good day.

River Rock did the photo shoot for the Minnesota Cooks project today. It was a celebratory kind of day for them, too.

Back to the knee. Regis will have surgery on Tuesday morning and will be in the hospital until Friday. They will have him up and moving around by Tuesday evening. The physical therapist who taught part of Joint Class looks and sounds just like Garry Shandling... before he had botox to the lips. (You can look those images up yourself. Why do people do that?) Troy was a very funny guy and almost made Regis look forward to the pain of surgery and the recuperation.

Of course, Troy is too young to be a sibling of Garry Shandling but he could be the illegitimate child of Garry. We think it's amazing that in Southern Minnesota, we have two children of celebrities. See the post on the John Denver look-alike. We'll try to get a photo of Troy. He was a hoot.

I took a bunch of pictures this morning of my herbs on the patio. They are thriving this year, for some reason. Usually I forget to water my patio plants and by this time they look forlorn and dead.

Regis thought this was hilarious. We went to Joint Class then to dinner. The receipt was time-stamped 4:20 (some weird pot significance) and our server was Jesus. I'm not making this up.

.That is probably all I need to say today.

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Anonymous said...

Is reefer still like 20 bucks an ounce? Since you went to class I figure you'd know.