Tuesday, June 12, 2012

arugula and cooking with veg-e-tables

We got our first share of the Living Land CSA yesterday and I am determined to use the produce wisely. More wisely than in years past. I gathered up all my vegetable cookbooks, reviewed them with the list of what would be harvested when. So, when kohlrabi showed up, I was ready!

I have Kohlrabi Slaw in the refrigerator that Regis pronounced pretty good, I made Marinated Radishes, I have a mixed green saute ready for tomorrow night, and we have greens galore. I've been really disgusted with grocery store greens lately. A day after I buy them, I can find leaves that look like pond scum. Not appealing.

Here's a link to a recipe that I want to try. Coleslaw with Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette

It's a challenge to use all that stuff in a timely manner!

Regis and I are going to pop down to the bar for a drink about 5 o'clock. We think we made a mistake on the bill and want to correct it. Then we're coming home to cook a big steak and some peppers on the grill. Love this weather!

I took the garbage can down to the curb this morning and lingered on the sidewalk for a while because it was so pretty outside. I finally went back in and got my phone to take a picture of the moment. This is it.

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