Sunday, June 10, 2012

and a few things I forgot to mention

That's my friend, Monica, in the picture with the John Denver look-alike in the party photos. She was convinced he was a relative of John Denver, but the fellow said he wasn't. He does seem to be cultivating that look and he sure enjoyed that Monica thought he looked like John. Monica, never shy about her thoughts, told him he should get his DNA checked because John's wife was from St. Peter and he would have been hanging out here about 40 years ago.

We love this band. Now I have a signed CD of Shake Your Boogie, another copy of Shake Your Boogie, and Live at Blues on Grand. They're going to play at the Savoy in Mankato on Sunday, July 29th. We have it on the calendar.

Ironically, they're going to play at Checker's Tavern in Cedar Rapids, Iowa next Thursday night. Monica might gather up the Iowa gang and attend. I think she just wants to see if John Denver shows up again.

This is me with Bobby Lee Sellers, Jr., the drummer in the band.

And this is me with Reverend Raven himself.

He always goes out into the crowd and jumps up on a table. He wears red shoes...I love that.

Another party story. My friend, of Mary's Flowers, came in the door of Patrick's about 10 o'clock carrying a five gallon pail full of 60 roses and a You Rock balloon. She told me I had to give the roses away in 60 seconds. I didn't make it in 60 seconds but I did give them all away. Some people were really tickled by it, some refused to take one (men, mostly), and some thought I was selling them. Yeah, right. When I told the stories, they loved it. Mary, what a sweetheart.

My circle skirt was a blast to wear. I bought it on from Amanda in Texas. I'm dancing with our friend, Al. He is a great dancer and it's hard to keep up with him. There was some great blues dancing going on, let me tell you. Amber said, "Who invited these pros? They're making us look bad."

I had these shoes on for the first two hours of the party but when the band started, I had to switch to the flat sandals. These are not dancing shoes.

Well, that's about it for now. Going to the patio to enjoy some heat and wind.

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