Thursday, May 31, 2012

this week in wine

On Tuesday, Regis and I ventured out to Chankaska Creek Winery. We had a lovely experience...good wine, nice menu, friendly people, and a gorgeous setting. I could live there but it probably would not be good for my health.

They have a beautiful room with a cozy fireplace but it was too warm for even my chilly bones. We sipped a sauvignon blanc and moved into the other room to peruse the merchandise of which there is plenty. Somehow a $55 polo shirt does not interest me. I was wearing, you might be able to tell, a $5 Reverend Raven tank top under my sweater. That's more my price range.

Regis even enjoyed the wine and he is not usually one to partake of the grape. We were easy customers...we liked everything, we liked to chat, and we joined the wine club. Yeah, that was painful.

This is Ingrid. She took care of us by serving us wine, convincing us of the benefits of the wine club, and making the day fun. Of course, I always get to gabbing about River Rock and pretty soon the GM is sending me out the door with a bottle of red wine to use in truffles. Yeah, Katie could do that.

Here is is. My favorite. Those are Riedel wine glasses, by the way. I used to have a couple but they have disappeared I'm pretty sure at the hands of the dish washer which would not be me.

Regis went  to the doctor today for his annual check-up to learn that he is completely out of cartilage in his knees. He has a referral to a doctor who specializes in replacing knees, whatever that is called. Orthopedic surgeon? Beats me.

As soon as he got home, we had to take Gus to the vet because it looks like someone snatched a small round bald spot on his back. It didn't look like an emergency but I don't like unattractive pets and worried that the mange would take over. It isn't mange and her best guess is some allergy thing. She mentioned allergy testing and I inwardly rolled my eyes.

I went along to the appointment because I was afraid Regis would schedule cosmetic surgery and Gus would quickly reach his out-of-pocket maximum. That didn't happen but we got close. I'm keeping this in a file. And yes, the total is $107.20. Good grief.

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