Sunday, May 13, 2012

matriarch's day

In honor of Matriarch's Day, a slide show of our baby robin in the front yard. Regis scaled a ladder into the tree to get a good shot of them. From the ground, you can only see them when they stick their little heads up to eat. They are a hungry lot!

It's been a busy weekend. We had some friends over for wine and wings on Friday night. What a grand time! Amber, the youngest at about 22, Rene, older by a ways than me, Emily, two years younger than me...and Regis. We talked about books and movies and cooking, and politics, and religion. I left the room for the last two. Ha! We ate good food, we drank nice wine, we had a headache yesterday. Must have been the wings.

The kids, the whole bunch, are coming over today for dinner. I rejected the idea of making a big meal but said I would make hot beef sandwiches and they could bring the rest. I went to the store and bought paper plates and cups and plastic forks, all things I loathe. I bought a package of cod, thinking I might make myself some cod cakes because I'm not a fan of roast beef and shouldn't I get to eat something today that I like? Harrumph. Ha again!

I worked in the garden off and on all day yesterday. Ella went with me to the flower stores in the morning where I thought I had a reasonable plan for modest spending but which I promptly abandoned once I got in the door. I buy what appeals to my senses at the moment. Yesterday, it was mostly herbs, and at my mom's suggestion, coleus. We have so little sun in the front and blooming annuals always look ratty. I'll have Regis take a few photos today.

I bought two big rosemary plants, one for Howard's planter. Ella likes to go up and down the rows and smell the herbs.

We had a funny conversation about the rain the night before. She thought she had heard it even though it was after her bedtime. She said usually sleeping shuts off her ears. I wish it shut off mine. I tried to doze on the couch for a few minutes on Friday and my damn neighbor fired up his giant lawn tractor right outside the window. It nearly ruined my normally sunny disposition.

Our friend, Ben and his dog Thumper, stopped by in the late afternoon. They were out for a brisk walk and we interrupted their momentum for some visiting and a cold beer. Gus and Thumper could be twins except for the 55 pound difference in their weights. They like to chase each other around the yard.

My friend Jill and I traded email yesterday about twitter. Each of us has a twitter account but we rarely use it because we don't know what to write. So, she put me on notice that she was sending out a tweet and I should read it. This took most of the day because I had given her the wrong @. I laughed later and said it takes two old women all day to send one tweet. So much for instant communication!

Regis took Gus to the dog park in Mankato. I'm there will be a bath to be had when he comes home. We're moving Blue Earth county north, one trip to the dog park at a time.

Happy Matriarch's Day to all females out there! Here's my mom, Shirley, as a young girl in Twin Valley.

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Jill said...

Beautiful picture of your mom!